About the Chairs

2020 Organizers:

Lauren DelBrocco

Co-Chair, CFO, Website Manager
1st year MFA Metal Design Graduate Student

Lauren DelBrocco is from Rhode Island and received her BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design with Summa Cum Laude and several other awards from Rhode Island College in 2018. Pre-grad school and throughout her undergraduate, Lauren has had several opportunities in the art field, she worked as a Fashion Jewelry Designer, Assistant Director of Operation overseeing a production team, Studio Assistant, Teachers Assistant for an after school program and a Bench Jeweler position. Currently, she began her MFA program in Metal Design at East Carolina University; she is in the exploratory stages of creating small interactive wearable art that reflects the ideas behind one growing up with Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficient Disorder. She is determined to help other students grow while working as a Teaching Assistant in several departments and during her term as President of the Graduate Artist Forum. When she’s not in the studio, she is either cooking or FaceTiming her dear family.

Kerry Yichen Guan

Co-Chair, Communications Officer
2nd year MFA Metal Design Graduate Student

Kerry Yichen Guan is second year MFA major in Metalsmith and Jewelry Design at East Carolina University. Her work was focusing on enamel piece and setting from past semester. The inspiration of her works is from the personal experiences but represented by nature item. She likes to make flower as cloisonné techniques on the enamel piece as well as add how she’s perspectives from her own experiences to the work. The setting of the enamel is about frame them, any object she made not only what looks like from the surface, but also containing the emotion and concept behind. The colors she used represent her healing process. She used muted colors in the beginning that transform to brighter ones. This also represents her transformation to a resolved my state of mind. As time goes by, she strives to pull herself away from unpleasant issues

in her past and learn to connect with others. By completing this work, she is focusing on her current happiness and not the anxiety of the past or future.

Lauren Nicole Purcell (Nikki)

Gallery, Event and Exhibition Coordinator and Chair
3rd year MFA Metal Design Graduate Student

Nikki Purcell is a little gal from Texas, here to have a good time. She was born in Houston Texas. Her father is a geophysicist and encourages her to break down a problem, understand every element, and then formulate a solution. Her mother can have three conversations going on at the same time and Nikki was taught this is how thoughts work- three or more sets at the time all tangled together by tangents. Combining these two ways of thinking influenced Nikki’s undergraduate work. She received a BFA cum laude at Stephen F Austin with a major in jewelry/metal working and a minor in geology studying under Lauren Selden making art about science. After graduating at SFA she studied enameling with Jan Harrel at Glassell in Houston Texas. Her work transitioned from making art about science to using science to make art with experimental enameling. Her work continues to study enameling and the science of why art is important to her and what draws her to making art.