Gallery & Exhibition

Gray Gallery

Six Years Smitten

Marissa Saneholtz and Sara Brown, co-founders of the Smitten Forum residency project unite over 70 makers who have participated in Smitten Forum in the past six years for a cumulative exhibition of wearable artworks.

Slippery and Subversive

Spectral Matter is an ongoing curatorial project focusing on queer issues and the LGBTQ+ population. This year’s exhibition hosted by Adam Adkinson and Everett Hoffman, Slippery and Subversive seeks to highlight artworks which blur the lines between binary concepts of identification through a queer lens.

Entrance instillation 

You See I See

You See, I See is a window instillation of different perspectives. One lense has how the individual sees the world, and the other lense is how the individual believes the world sees them. These perspectives are from ECU’s SoAD and Material Topic participants and patrons.

Burrows gallery

Jewelry Edition 5

JE was started by Kat Cole and Laura Wood in 2012 as a new type of opportunity for early career artists to gain national exposure. The project has evolved to include a range of makers at varying points in their careers. Over the last six years JE has exhibited 22 artists and traveled their work to different locations including galleries, conferences, institutions, and public spaces.


Charon’s Book Sale

Charon Kransen’s book selection

Emerge Gallery

Keep Safe Keepsakes

A collaborative project between two communities. Keep Safe Keepsakes is a practice of empathy where collaborators celebrate and make space for what others hold dear.

Unlocking the Future

When the door is locked, open a window! Unlocking the Future is a juried 12in by 12in mixed media wall hanging show inviting artists to explore their (or a) vision of the future through an imagined window of their own making.

Saw file solder

Student cases

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