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Virtual Data Room services can help you accelerate the adoption, migration, management, and operation of your business deals. This article is an overview of the Datasite solution.

The functionality of Datasite Virtual Data Room

Datasite Data Room is an innovative development tool, which takes into account all the needs of modern business. The technology makes it possible to organize its protection throughout the entire life cycle of a document both at the level of exchange and storage within the company and during transmission to external users. So, do we need such software?

Deal management is not a new direction. Previously, it was also necessary to understand what data is in the organization, and who uses it and how, how it is stored and in what processes it participates. But all this was not so important until there were not so many data types and it was possible to describe them simply in a document or on your portal.

Over the past few years, there has been an understanding, especially in large companies, that the study of data, their connections, attempts to understand their value take a lot of time and resources, which prompted us to pursue this area on purpose.

The main goals for organizing deal management via Datasite Data Room are:

  • increasing the efficiency of the organization, accelerating business functions and projects by increasing the value of the data used;
  • increasing the flexibility of the current activities of the company;
  • obtaining new business opportunities, developing new areas of activity;
  • increased transparency when working with data;
  • reduction of labor costs for approval and implementation of improvements when making changes;
  • simplification and improvement of efficiency in the formation and analysis of the collected reports for reporting organizations.

Datasite for IPO management: how to use?

An IPO (Initial Public Offering) is the first public offering of a company’s shares, also called an issue. This is the first time the company issues its shares on the market, and they are bought by a wide range of investors. One of the main objectives of the issuance by the company is to raise significant funds.

So, a company seeking to conduct a successful placement of its shares solves a very large number of tasks, in this case, Datasite Data Room is a win-win solution as the software helps to automate routine workflow. The software creates a united collaborative environment for secure file-sharing and transparent consolidating of deal transactions.

There are the following reasons to choose Datasite vendor for IPO deals:

  • Collaboration

Working in teams and projects often makes it necessary for several people to work on a document at the same time. Such collaboration can be easily implemented with the document storage in Datasite storage. It is even more advantageous if the cloud operator already provides various web office functions.

  • Cost

There are only costs for renting a certain storage volume. The Data Room vendor is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the server technology. This means that you only pay for the storage space you need and you do not need to invest any additional costs in the required technology.

  • Flexibility

Compared to local hosting, the Data Room offers companies more flexibility. And if you need additional bandwidth, you can use the cloud to meet this demand immediately, instead of having to carry out a complex and expensive update of your IT infrastructure.

  • Security

Datasite ensures security and compliance amid the rapid changes within the cloud by extracting the actual configurations of the cloud workloads and comparing them with the defined security guidelines to identify deviations from the standard.