Do Data Room Providers allow a Free Trial period?

A virtual computer room is an investment designed to help your organization become more efficient, organized and secure. The best way to try out all the features of a VDR is with a free trial. In this guide, we give you everything you need to know to get the most out of the trial version, so that your time and investment are well spent.

Why is the Free Trial Important?

The list of available functions varies from operator to operator. Even if you know which of these your business needs and find the exact digital data space with the tools you need, there is still a chance that the solution is not right for your business.

Alternatively, you can use the free trial to test each feature in practice. The best providers mainly offer free access to each of them for 7-14 days. This allows you and the users of your VDR to experience ease of use and general functionality.

The purpose of the free trials

The free trials are meant to give potential buyers a taste of the real experience. This in turn often generates more interest in the product and largely answers some of the questions potential buyers may have. Free trials can be used to generate leads, as most buyers will not hesitate to buy if they are happy with a product.

It can be compared to testing a car before you buy it. The only difference is that most free trials are offered for at least 30 days. In this broad time frame, buyers can be confident that a product is genuine and make the purchase decision with ease.

What is the ideal duration of a virtual data-free trial?

Ideally, most free VDR trials last for at least a month, and some can be extended if the prospect so requests. A study hows that 41% of most offers offer approximately 30 days with free trials, 18% 2 weeks, 44% free trials online and 41% list prices on their websites.

Up to 14 days

According to statistics, some virtual data room providers offer 14-day trial versions. That’s barely enough time to influence a buyer’s decision. During this time, some potential buyers are still trying to get used to the product and get stuck halfway. Shorter trial versions may only be sufficient if buyers opt for VDR software for repository purposes or other shorter transactions.

No free trial offered

From the statistics above, it is quite clear that 56% of most providers do not offer free trial versions. Even if it is entirely their choice, it will cause them to lose potential customers and drive traffic to the competition. When a potential buyer discovers that another VDR provider is offering free trial versions, it is only natural that the buyer first goes to the provider that offers a free trial period.

30 Days or more

It’s safe to say that if you’re looking for a free trial of a product like virtual computer software, you can expect a 30-day processing time with most computer room vendors. This period gives enough time to fully understand the product and set aside apologies after making a purchase decision.

Best Free Trial Providers

You may need a lightweight VDR with minimal options, as well as a complex solution with project management tools and other extras. All of these categories have excellent providers that offer free trials. Here are some of the top companies out there that have this option on the list.

  • IntraLinks;
  • DocSend;
  • iDeals;
  • Drooms;
  • ContactZen;
  • Digify;
  • Ansarada.